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An exotic, floral bouquet provides the opening act to the unisex Velvet Suede. Sweet, clean notes work in unison with delicious lemony undertones making this fragrance floral, fresh and lush all at the same time. The smooth ‘velvety’ top blends seamlessly with the Labdanum base note, offering the deeply powerful yet subtle leather aroma that completes the scent with its classic suede characteristic. Power and elegance walk hand in hand through an aromatic journey that evokes euphoria, making Velvet Suede a luxurious fragrance for any time of day and any given occasion.

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Sometimes I think that I just take on too much. Example, today starts with a gentle jog and a visit to see Mum, so up bright and early, shower, croissant and coffee and a dash into town to entertain Mum. She’s always a real chatterbox and loves me calling in. I do to, after all, only have one Mum eh? Then I have planned to meet up with the guys from the band for an hour practise session. Lead singer so I need to be there I guess.

So, I start the day in a joggers and get the health kick done, shave and facial with a couple of squirts of my Velvet Suede musky scent. It fits all occasions and has almost become my signature. I throw the bottle into my bag knowing that I won’t really need a freshen up, just like me it has staying power. Sweating done, caught up with Mum’s gossip so I am feeling great. Down to the warehouse next for an early afternoon music session which I really enjoy, especially on a Friday, it’s a great way to start to wind down for the weekend. Sascha will be there to give us moral support and she greets me with a kiss and a squeeze, ‘John you look and smell great as usual, good day so far’ she enquires.

After a couple of hours belting out our tunes the guys are determined that we go to the skate park for an hours bonding and exercise. Can’t argue, let’s do it. After risking elbows and knees we have a few impromptu drinks in the park, pre- arranged by Sascha, what a lady. Then it’s a quick goodbye, a freshen up and I have her to myself for dinner. Spray of Velvet Suede to freshen me up? Not really needed but the scent really seems to get to Sascha so I give myself a tiny spray just to be certain, and look forward to our usual Friday night ahead of food and fun.

As I said, do I take on too much? Who cares, loving it so far.

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