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A classically elegant perfume for the classically elegant female, Senorita offers an air of superiority over your typical everyday fragrance. Sweet on the nose at first, time unveils the cheerful bouquet and peppery zing of Freesia, its floral, woody aroma radiating at distance, underpinned by subtle citrus notes. Each aromatic shade rests on a base of sensually intoxicating Musk, perfectly balancing this complex composition, whilst adding an irresistible air of romantic warmth. A fragrance blended to impress, the lasting scent of Senorita will linger as long as the wearer at any high class occasion.

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Office girl to debutante me, and that’s just how I like it. By day I have a great city job which is exactly as people expect, hectic, frantic and non-stop. The guys at the office have learned to respect me now – I earned my spurs pretty quickly here through sales and smashing targets.

I dress to impress at the office but keep it cool and professional in heels, a skirt of just the right length to impress but attract attention. And the guys follow me around the office using the excuse that I smell so good they can’t be away from me. I guess that’s why I am the Senorita at the office, musky, sophisticated and attractive. Business lunches with clients work well. They always are looking sharp to try to impress and I am my usual confident yet cocky self. I get away with it with the younger guys, and the older guys just melt for me. It’s a little embarrassing how easy it is but a girl must use every advantage I guess?

So, then we get to the evenings and whilst I wouldn’t say that I am playing the field I am certainly enjoying taking my time to find that Mr Right. So, dinner date tonight after a few cocktails in town. Josh seems a cool guy and I am quite looking forward to seeing him. We met once so far, at lunch so he is in for a real treat tonight after seeing me in just my office attire. So, let’s pull out all the stops here. Shower and moisturised, heels to die for and and a discreet spray of my Senorita to my neck and back ( I love the way the scent really gets me noticed – or is it me 🙂 then my most sophisticated evening attire which I know catches attention – though I say it myself. If you’ve got it, why not use it. Off we go, see what the night brings.

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