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A unique fragrance that sets itself apart from your average perfume, the spicy, oriental tones found in Saffron Noir are suited to both Ladies and Gentlemen alike. The refined notes of Saffron lend both an Eastern allure and an exquisite hint of spice whilst a sweet touch of Raspberry and the softening powdery tones of Violet combine to give this perfume an irresistible mysticism. Layered beneath its oriental charm, the subtle suggestion of Leather appears while drying, its earthen, woody aroma adding a sense of power and success to this truly unique fragrance.

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Male modelling has a bad name, right? I don’t care, it’s not a bad rap. Take today for example, two jobs, both well paid and both pretty easy. I like the car work, who wouldn’t? Posing with flash motor suits me (ok, ok, I don’t drive but the pics impress in my portfolio, the girls love it). Something that I really need to address really but being a city boy cars aren’t essential, maybe when I retire to the country eh.

Smart and casual, the agency is supplying the clothes at the shoot so I get changed there and give myself a little spray of my Saffron Noir to add to the ambience. Look good and smell good – great start to any shoot and I actually think that the masculine fragrance helps to bring the best out in me and the shoot. The cars look great, I feel good and the photographer seems very happy. Don’t get me wrong, I work hard and give it everything, but its more mental than physical work.

A dash across town to the fashion shoot which goes really well. Love the chiselled jaw comments from the make-up girl, is she hitting on me? I’m used to it I must say but I keep my feet on the ground. Plus, I’m happily taken and look forward to seeing Maria straight after the shoot. We meet in our favourite bar and start with a small ice-cold refresher. A little peck on the cheek from Maria and she tells me I smell great – wow, not refreshed since 8am, there’s value. The night goes well with tapas and red wine, not too heavy as tomorrow is another busy day. Maria wants to come back to my place. Being the consummate professional I tell her I need to be up early and politely decline. But as usual she wins and we just take it from there.

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