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Prince’s Rose ranks as one of our most popular selling products. A dynamic, masculine fragrance, this long lasting perfume stands in a class all of its own. A deeply powerful, enticing aroma invites the senses on a journey through the floral tones of a rare rose, found only in certain parts of Spain, and the classic woody notes of elegant Oud. The deep yet subtle base is blended in perfect harmony with the romantic shades of powdery Rose, creating an oriental masterpiece that continues to effortlessly stand the test of time.

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So, its back to Dubai for a week. Love it, miss it, ache for it. Ok, it may be 44 degrees this time of year but boy do those guys know how to be cool. So, the bag packing entails fun as well as business meetings. Ill grab a few shirts and slacks, cotton being the order of the day, and of course the only scent I will need for work rest and play is Prince’s Rose. The guys out there already commented on its musky and sometimes potent scent, suits me, why would I disappoint them again?

Plane journey out of the way and it’s a meet and greet at the airport. Night in the hotel restaurant after a little freshening up then an early night. Tomorrow apparently is dune buggy racing on the sands followed by an informal evening meeting with some of the local hierarchy – what a life I lead eh? A couple of exciting social events to attend over the next day. It’s hot, lets risk the shorts and T shirt, my Prince’s Rose doing its job in the background and a few comments have already confirmed my legs are great. Well worth the trip from a fun angle already. And an exciting little treat on offer for tomorrow I am told also – looking forward to finding out about that.

The days pass to quickly out here. They know how to combine business with pleasure, sometimes the lines are a little blurred but I am holding my own. A short cruise is on offer as a thank you for the business that I have brought them through the year and who am I to turn that down. Relaxing clothing, a welcome cold drink on deck and me feeling chilled and musky – a Prince just needing my rose now I think. Who knows what the night will bring though.

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