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Our signature unisex fragrance, Oud Dusk emits a strong, powerful scent, reflecting the confident presence of those who choose to wear it. The earthy blend of rich, sweet, herbaceous aromas and warm, woody undertones provide the dominant backbone of this classic Oud perfume. The elegant edition of Juniper Berries gives the top notes a quintessential lingering freshness, the piquant and bracing shades rising from rich, musky foundations. Definitely not one for the faint heated, Oud Dusk will complement the professional individual throughout the day and well into the night with its high powered presence and authoritative aromatics.

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Oud Dusk. Made for sharing – or is that an old commercial somewhere deep in my childhood? Juile, my nearest and dearest literally takes the sharing element to heart, it’s pretty much all she ever sprays these days. One positive though is that I am not constantly refreshing her scent cabinet, she’s happier with using mine. As long as there’s always some left for me, that’s the unwritten rule.

The problem is that I think the classy young fragrance just suits me, my personality and demeanour. I get comments regularly along the lines of what’s that you’re wearing, its lovely. So, I see it as a male domain scent that girls like. The flip side is that Julie smells great in it also and, after all it is a unisex scent. I have tried and tried to get her onto other feminine brands, price not being an issue, but will she budge? Will she hell. So, what to do about it? I’m a little perplexed. Anyway, there’s less than a quarter of a bottle left now so, even though I don’t need to I over spray this morning and use a little more than I should, hoping that she will notice it disappearing at an alarming rate.

Of all the girls I have known, a selection of perfumes and scents has always been a part of their armoury, but this girl is happy with just the one. And it’s mine. Morning, noon and night it seems to work on her. Our favourite gin bar seems especially appropriate as the refreshing juniper berry scent of the gin is mirrored on us two, posing at the bar and with the same lingering smell. I guess one positive from this is that I get to smell her all day from my scent. Vice versa I hope.

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