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A mystifying fusion of Eastern elegance, Midnight Amber throws out a complex blend of fresh citrus and sour fruit with woody, sweet, warm and comforting aromas. The fresh burst of Bergamot introduces the wearer to a scent that unfolds into a tantalizing oriental fragrance, sweet yet thick, intoxicating yet eternally sophisticated. Its namesake, Amber, gives a resinous base and a sensual edge that balances the flirtatiously fragrant fruity top notes. This perfect marriage of carefully selected ingredients lends itself to both Ladies and Gentlemen that wish to bewilder an audience with a uniquely aromatic show.

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Red carpet night looming, which both excites me and creates a little nervousness. Ok so I’m no ‘A Lister’, not yet anyway, but gradually starting the climb up the ladder. Decided to travel alone and meet Chrissy there, after all a table Is reserved for us both and her friend Louisa (lucky me eh) by the Agency and I may as well take the opportunity to mingle a little as she is always so late getting ready. She’s pretty chilled with that.

So, it’s a game of squash to get me toned up for the evening ahead. I decide to skip lunch and have a long sauna before heading home to start the regimented ritual of getting myself looking tip top. I always start by checking my clothes, nothing worse than being ready to rock and finding that the favourite shirt needs an ironing over. So, it’s crisp white shirt and black tux with my favourite patent black shoes, always a reliable and impressive combination. Some nice background music starts to set the scene in my pad around 4.00pm, plenty of time. Start with a cool shower and shave then a little chill before getting dressed. 5.30pm here before I know it so it’s time to get a move on. A spray of my favourite Midnight Amber, its scenty undertones always draw a comment and will linger all with me all evening.

About to get the shirt on and the mobile rings – its Louisa, what does she want? “Hi John, do me a favour sweetie, can you pick me up, just hate walking in alone”. She’s such a drama queen. “Sure Hun, see you at half six”. Damn, a sudden rush. Ready in record time and the BMW hustles its way down to Kensington. Luckily Louise is ready (and looks stunning). “oooh, you look great John, mmm, smelling gorgeous too” she purrs. I do wonder about her sometimes. Off we go, red carpet beckoning, I wonder if anyone will recognise me…

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