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An irresistible combination of intense sweetness and sensuous spice give Koper Geld a truly unique identity, a genuine one of a kind fragrance suitable for both Ladies and Gentlemen. The Cardamom top note lies at the heart of this perfumes versatility. Male wearers will find it adds a twist of freshness to the scent, whilst a hint of spicy elegance will heighten any feminine allure. Aromatic and warm, sweet, fresh and woody, the continually evolving tones give Koper Geld a personality all of its own and a scent proven to last well over ten hours.

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Great day ahead and really looking forward to meeting with Emma for a day of exploration and adventure. Ever the thrill seeker I thought that I would never be able to find the right girl to share my outdoor exploits but damn, she has almost as much energy and life force as I do. So, it’s a shower, bag packed with walking and trekking gear and into the car to blast across to collect Em. As usual she looks stunning in her outdoor attire and light make up. Oooh you smell nice she declares after a little kiss on the cheek. Koper Gold suits my hectic life and hobbies. The temptation is there, as always to hang out at Emma’s place for a few minutes but the desert trek beckons and, after another quick coffee we are on our way.

Roof down, vibes on and before we know it we are on deserted roads heading for the mountains. Essentials packed include water, snack bars and phone charger, we park the car and slip into sturdy walking shoes and don our back packs. 20km in the mid-day sun needs respect but we are experienced professionals. Hats and sunscreen and we are off.

Blue skies, expanses of wilderness other than the rocks and trees and we are at one with nature – and each other. Many kilometres trekked, pictures taken and a thorough desert work out. Great fun and very cleansing of the mind. After the high pressures of work and the daily grind of meetings this was just the antidote that we both needed. After a hot and sweaty day clambering and cuddling we return to the car for the blast back to Emma’s. Welcoming hot showers, comfy slacks and an evening together admiring the sunset and sharing a bottle of something fizzy and ice chilled. Scent still nicely lingering… couldn’t be better.

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