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Intense by name, Intense by nature, our signature masculine fragrance offers a unique blend of exquisite ingredients, creating a striking scent that conveys charm and refinement. The discerning tones of Oud lie at the base of this perfume, providing its trademark intensity. Rich, woody Must aromas linger with effect, whilst on top, bittersweet Saffron softens the bouquet with hints of earthy leather. With each scent heightened by the addition of Incense, this long lasting fragrance only intensifies with time. Dynamic and captivating, Intense is an indispensable accessory for those dress to impress occasions.

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Working for high net worth individuals (and gradually knocking on that door myself) brings its challenges. Visiting clients with an alarming regularity has its mental and physical demands. Turning their dreams into reality comes at a cost, both to them and to myself. A modern-day tailor creating high class excellence for discerning clients requires a blend of a number of skills beyond most people’s realisations.

Home visits are fun, as are the workplace visits to discuss ideas and requirements, measure up the client and make sure that I have a very clear idea of the brief. Intense but often very revealing. Such is my methodical nature that the day starts ensuring the car is pristine inside and out. You never know who is going to need a lift or peer into your pride and joy so always best to be looking good. Then the self-grooming to ensure that I look the part 24/7. How else could I sell a dream without presenting excellence myself.

Choosing fabrics, measuring and cutting cloth and watching those initial ideas become reality is always exciting. Then the periodic visits back to the client to ensure progress is as expected, avoiding no unnecessary surprises is also intense. But that’s me.
The end result delivers total delight. The look of appreciation on clients faces make it almost as worthwhile as the final payment. So, then I spoil myself a little. Some new attire for yours truly, a gym or sauna session followed by a few drinks and a light supper. And of course, even though my day can only be described as intense, my intense scent has become my signature and stays with me all day, every day.

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