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Our signature female fragrance, Gold Dust offers a versatile scent suitable for any occasion, day or night. An initial burst of sweet, fruity nectar gives way to intensely hypnotic tones thanks to the classic Jasmine middle note, an addition that gives the perfume its strong, floral nature and powerful range. As the scent unfolds, the Blackberry base note reveals a complimentary richness and lasting honeyed aroma that will continue to delight. A familiar fragrance at first scent, the alluring secret of Gold Dust lies in its shifting layers, creating a fragrance that hypnotically unfolds over time, making it one of our most popular perfumes to date.

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We party types have a reputation to be upheld and that includes 24/7 preening and pampering. Why shouldn’t we? After all, it’s not us that get the immediate benefits is it? Well ultimately we do I guess, from looking and smelling great, but it’s all about the attraction and catching the right catch. So it’s necessary, as well as fun.

The morning, as always starts with a coffee on the bed with pooch and a gentle start to the day ahead. Catching up on texts, quick shower then meet the girls at the gym. Must admit that my favourite part is the sauna but the muscle pushing needs doing I guess. And the lycra gets attention so it’s not all bad news on the bike. A light lunch ensues, mainly to catch up on the girl gossip and plan the evening ahead. After all, its Friday so the weekend has already started. My friends love my new shoes – trust me they would tell me if they didn’t. And as always they adore my Gold Dust scent. It has become me and follows me everywhere, my signature pretty much. Despite countless unreasonable demands I am not sharing my secret. My Gold Dust is mine and I am not sharing.

Lunch moves dangerously close to evening time so we have to dash. Little red dress always works for me. Jess has booked the car – perfection, don’t you just hate turning up in a taxi. No fizz and no privacy. Then after preening and a quick check on my Gold Dust we are on our way. Glass of something fizzy, nibbles to look forward to and a night in the classiest club in town. There must be a tall dark handsome type out and about tonight, really ready for the challenge. Oooh, just can’t wait. To see how the night unfolds.

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